TKH Services

Fleet Services

Our responsibility is to establish a unique fleet service for all TKH community to allow a smooth commute to and from the university campus.

Fleet Office location:
(1A Building - Ground Floor - G10) – (Working Hours from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM)                

Contact Information                                                                 
Fleet Manager: Meselhy Boraie.                     
Fleet Hotline Number: 01201187777.

Fleet Email:


TKH Library is a central library for all universities hosted at The Knowledge Hub Universities. Our collection includes 5000 books, references, dictionaries, CDs, DVDs, and journals. Our Main Hall includes 24 PCs accessible using TKH account. Our aim is to help all library patrons gain the maximum benefit using our library's resources (printed copies, access to electronic resources (CU), Information Literacy sessions, how to use the library session and more futuristic projects)


Office Location: Building 1A - 1st Floor


Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Contact Information:

Library email: 

Career Services Team:

  • Mona Romia – Lead Librarian
  • Yomna Nasser – Jr. Librarian 


Security Department

Security Team Contact Info:

Name: Colonel / Ayman Wahid

Title: Security Manager

Tel: 01211179192


Office Location: Building 1(A) G09


Name: Mohamed Ashraf

Title: Security Supervisor

Tel: 01127182594


Name: Sayed El Badry

Title: Security Officer

Tel: 01009790706


Lost and Found

Name: Heba Karam

Tel: 01154321672

Location: Building 1(A) – Ground Floor - Security office counter