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Master a set of techniques and methodologies for data collection
Master the tools and processes used for the storage, organization and access to information in a business context
Understand the paradigms and technologies currently used in the management and dissemination of information
Master the statistical and computational tools for treating information such as to reduce uncertainty associated to decision making
Develop models for the establishment of information flow to improve the processes of decision support and business management
Know how to transform data into useful and relevant information, using language accessible to various decision centers
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Career Opportunities 

Business Process Manager, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Information Manager, Specialist in Analytical Marketing, Specialist in Data Science applied to Management, Specialist in Decision Support Systems.


IT companies, Banking, Insurance, telecommunications, marketing and market research, consulting, logistics and distribution.

Employment Rate IMS

Students applying for September, 2022 are eligible for 2000off their tuitions fees, per year, throughout their journey at Nova University at TKH

Because we absolutely believe that NOVA Cairo's first graduates will shake up the Egyptian market, we are proud to announce a special scholarship for these destined market leaders!

Every applicant accepted to join NOVA Cairo's first class of students will be eligible for €2000 off tuition fees for the full duration of their studies.


BSc in Information Management Structure

  • Foundation Year

    Advanced Topics in Mathematics;

    Technical English;

    The Portuguese Experience (two modules)

    Introduction to Project Development


  • Year 1

    Business Management

    Computation I

    Economics Analysis

    Information Systems

    Linear Algebra

    Mathematics Analysis I

    Computation in Statistics & Information Management 

    Information in the Society 


    Mathematics Analysis Ii

    Personal Development I

    Statistics I


  • Year 2

    Data Analysis

    Data Treatment

    Databases I

    Geospatial Intelligence  

    Statistics II

    Databases II

    Economics I

    Enterprise Information Systems 

    Statistics III


  • Year 3

    Business Process Management

    Computational Methods for Optimization

    Data Mining

    Econometrics II

    Market Research

    Personal Development II

    Final Semester (Student will choose from the below):

    • Applied Economy
    • Digital Innovation Project
    • Entrepreneurship and Projects Analysis
    • Forecasting Methods
    • Geospatial Analysis
    • Information and Law
    • Information Systems Seminar 
    • Intelligent Systems
    • Mobile Apps Development 
    • Remote Sensing
    • Risk Management 
    • Smart and Sustainable Cities
    • Web Analytics 
    • Web Marketing & E-Commerce