NOVA University Lisbon in Egypt is offering a 2000€ First Intake Scholarship

Because we absolutely believe that NOVA Cairo's first graduates will shake up the Egyptian market, we are proud to announce a special scholarship for these destined market leaders!

Every applicant accepted to join NOVA Cairo's first class of students will be eligible for €2000 off tuition fees for the full duration of their studies.


Cheers Coventry

Alright, mates! Fancy a little celebration before the start of your big journey? Say no more. Or better yet say: Cheers, Coventry!

Join us on Sunday the 11th of September for your first taste of life as a TKH-Coventry student.

On this pre-university day, we’ll have extravagant entertainment for you and your future university buddies, including musical performances, games, and much more.

All you have to do is register and bring your energy on campus!

P.S. If you’re still behind on any admission step, make sure to finalize it during the day to receive your printed IDs 💳

Coventry Uni-1
NOVA Top 7 Y European Uni-1